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Focus Farmer Profile: Pak Yunus and Ibu Encih

Rida Akzar

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“The dairy cattle business provides us with daily income from milk as well as future savings”

Ibu Encih

The family dairy business, now managed by Pak Yunus was previously undertaken by both of his parents from 1995 to 2004 in Tajurhalang Village, Cijeruk. The number of cows managed during this time was 13 head, but in 2004 some cattle were sold to build homes for the family and other household purposes. In the following years the number of cows declined due to sudden deaths or sold as additional income for the family.

There was a year when the farm had no cows, and for Pak Yunus to re-build the dairy herd required high family support. "I can say that in my experience to start a dairy business has some difficulties but it's also easy," said Pak Yunus. The difficulty deals with the limited capital to establish the farm, however because he had experience managing the farm with his parents this made it technically easier for him. Pak Yunus joined as a member of the Kania farmer group, and in 2017 there was a Government program for dairy cattle and he gained one pregnant cow to start the dairy business again. In the following year, the dairy cow calved and slowly the herd size grew and the farm currently has three head including one calf, one cow and one heifer.

  • Farm Size: 3

  • Number of Milking Cows: 1

  • Calves (0-4 months): 1

  • Heifers: 1

  • Average Milk Production (litres/day/cow): 11

  • Current Milk Fat: 3.6%

  • Current Milk Protein or Total Solids: 3.1%

  • Milk Price/L: Rp. 5000

  • Farmer Group Name: Kania Group

Note: Data collected during a farm visit in July 2019

Together with his mother, Ibu Encih and his second brother, Pak Yunus was able to resume operation of the dairy business. It has been a dream of his to continue dairy farming that was once undertaken by his father, to help support the household with daily needs and savings. He also has a desire to advance his understanding of better livestock practices, which has motivated Pak Yunus to become involved in the IndoDairy Focus Farm activity.

The future aspirations of Pak Yunus together with Ibu Encih and brother is to increase the size of the herd from 2 to 15 cows, which used to be the size of the farm when it was operated by his parents.


Although Pak Yunus was able to gain experience in farming by learning from his father, he has encountered a number of challenges, and the small scale of the farm remains a challenge. In addition, the dairy farm is currently supported by the family ornamental plant business, with the hope to increase the scale of livestock business, as well as capital and farm management skills to improve its operation.

The hope of Pak Yunus and his family following their involvement in the Focus Farm will be to access improved information by sharing knowledge with experienced experts or professionals, as well as other farmers to work on their specific goals over the coming year.

Download Farmer Profile (PDF)