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Focus Farmer Profile: Pak Ma'mur and Ibu Eneng

Rida Akzar


“The journey of surviving in the dairy business is not easy and there are times where additional support and guidance is needed to develop a better business”

Pak Ma'mur

Pak Ma'mur began dairy farming in 1999 which was an interest that formed when helping his parents with the livestock business. He was able to take over the dairy farm from his parents and enjoys caring for his cows. From 1999, the farm grew from 2 to 10 head of cattle in 2004 but then later sold most of these cows for household needs. With fewer cows, the farm was less profitable and between 2004-2006 Pak Ma'mur and his wife, Ibu Eneng switched professions, to a KPS paramedic personnel in Bogor and an entrepreneur selling building equipment.

“Because we had a passion for farming, I stopped working as a paramedic in KPS Bogor and focused on developing our dairy business,” said Pak Ma'mur. At the end of 2006, Pak Ma'Mur started farming again with three cows ready to AI, and then in 2008 obtained APBN (Government Budget) to have one more cow. By 2013, Pak Ma'mur had increased his herd size to 14 head and moved to a larger farm in the same village, but closer to Mount Salak and formed a farmer group called Kelompok Mandiri Sejahtera. In 2019 the population owned by Pak Ma'mur is 41 head.

  • Farm Size: 41

  • Number of Milking Cow: 21

  • Dry Cow: 1

  • Calves (0-4): 9

  • Heifers: 10

  • Average Milk Production (litres/day/cow): 12

  • Current Milk Fat: 3.9%

  • Current Milk Protein or Total Solids: 3.2%

  • Milk Price/L: Rp. 5000

  • Farmer Group Name: Mandiri Sejahtera

Note: Figures supplied during a farm visit in July 2019

Although the dairy farm business has successfully grown, Pak Ma'mur encounters some challenges upstream and downstream from the farm, impacting on the growth of the business. This includes limited ability to sell and market his milk at a higher price, as well as sourcing good quality inputs such as feed.

In addition, there are challenges with the capacity of employed labour to undertake farm activities. In future Pak Ma’mur and Ibu Eneng hope to improve the business to better utilise forages on their land, improve management of livestock, as well as processing and marketing of dairy products with plans to build an agro-tourism facility in the Tajur Halang village.


Although these challenges exist, they are interested in accessing additional information and training to assist develop the farm. Pak Ma'mur and Ibu Eneng are motivated to participate in the IndoDairy activities, through the Focus Farm as they both are willing to learn how to better manage their business to achieve their future goals.

Download Farm Profile (PDF)