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Policy Dialogue

Engagement with policy makers and dialogue with key stakeholders is an important aspect of this project. The Policy Working Group (PWG) will form an integral part of the project as the project activities progress over the next 4 years. The policy working group consists of representatives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services and Indonesian Dairy Farmers Association.


First Meeting in Bogor, 21 February 2017

The Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs has released a blue print for the dairy industry with objectives outlined till the year 2025.  The project team met with the policy working group recently in Bogor in order to initiate dialogue with key policy makers in the dairy sector. Prof. Wendy Umberger from Centre for Global Food and Resources led the meeting along with Dr.Arief Daryanto from SB-IPB, and Dr. Erwidodo from ICASEPS. The policy working group meeting presented with an opportunity to discuss these objectives and align the objectives of the Indodairy project to help achieve the broader objectives outlined in the blue print. The Indodairy project aims to play the role of an integral catalyst in bringing about growth and development in the dairy sector in Indonesia and this was resonated throughout the entire dialogue held with the policy working group.


Indonesia's Dairy Policies - Dr Erwidodo

IndoDairy Project Policy Objective - Dr Arief Daryanto

Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs - Mawardi