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To support extension activities delivered under the IndoDairy project, this series of technical factsheets was developed to support the project’s Village Level Researchers (VLRs) as well as extension officers and service providers in the following areas:

  • Nutrition: nutritional requirements of calves, weaned heifers, milking cows; production of high quality forages and silage making

  • Husbandry and reproduction: calf health and rearing, breeding adult cows, animal heath, heat stress management, housing dairy stock and body condition scoring

  • Milk quality and hygiene: mastitis and its prevention, and producing quality milk

  • Business management: how to calculate profit

Last updated - 19 July 2019

IndoDairy Smallholder Household Survey (ISHS) - 'From Farm to Fact' Series


To better understand the state of dairy farming in West Java, the IndoDairy project surveyed 600 dairy households in West Java between August and September 2017.

This set of factsheets provides a complete overview of the purpose, sampling and information gained from the analysis of the data collected from the Indonesian Smallholder Household Survey (ISHS).

Factsheet 1: Introduction to the IndoDairy Factsheets

Factsheet 2: IndoDairy Smallholder Household Survey Sampling Design and Survey Roll-out

Factsheet 3:  Overview of Household and Farm Characteristics

Factsheet 4: Farmer’s Attitudes, Perceptions of Change and Future Aspirations

Factsheet 5: Dairy Farm Inputs

Factsheet 6: Milk Productivity, Price and Quality

Factsheet 7: Dairy Farming Costs, Revenue and Profitability

Last updated - 6 October 2018

Increasing the size of the Indonesian dairy herd is fundamental to increasing national milk supply from smallholder dairy farms. Increasing the number of heifers imported annually is one option to achieving this outcome. This guideline covers several topics relating to:

  1. An overview of Indonesia’s dairy industry and the potential increase in productivity through increasing the size of the national dairy herd;

  2. Government of Indonesia policies relating to dairy development in Indonesia and heifer importation;

  3. Heifer importation processes and logistics;

  4. Critical success factors relating to heifer importation;

  5. Identification of potential sources and models of government, private and farmer investment to support heifer imports;

  6. Key breed attributes that will lead to greater heifer productivity and longevity in small holder systems;

  7. Opportunities to import heifers from other tropical and subtropical dairying regions, such as northern Australia.

Much of the information presented in these guidelines are the outcomes from a workshop held on 28 September 2017 in Bogor, West Java. These guidelines will be reviewed annually with the last edition being published in January 2020.

Last updated - 6 October 2018

This review of existing technical material and successful extension methods both in Indonesia and internationally was undertaken to help inform project design and pilot delivery.

The approach taken in the review was to explore and analyse a range information sources culminating in identification of best-bet extension methodologies for the project. The review commenced with analysis of extension methodologies to establish relevant frameworks, theory and principles, then explore technical focus, audience characteristics, value chain and delivery support, to enable a customised extension approach.

Last updated - 24 July 2018